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Name:Anthony Ford
Birthdate:Oct 12
Location:United States of America

Anthony Jefferson Ford is the only child of a single dad, who is a Mountie with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and a mother who was a homemaker until he lost her to an undiagnosed heart condition when he was only 9. His father was a loving dad, and did the best he could, even when that was a struggle. While his dad worked hard, and was a very busy man, he always made time for his son, and Anthony never once felt like he was neglected or unloved. He grew up pretty normally for a son of a single dad, and excelled in his school work, especially maths and computer science.

It was in his freshman year of high school that he met Lee McKenna and Hayden Newton, who would become his dearest friends in his high school years. The three boys were inseparable, and while Anthony did go on a date or two with girls, nothing ever really stuck, and he much preferred the company of the other two guys. It was one night during Junior Year at Hayden's house when it all became abundantly clear why. Anthony's dad and Lee's mom, who were dating, left their two boys at Hayden's place while his parents were out of town. The three boys were pretty well responsible, and it was expected that they would just chill out and watch movies. What happened was quite different though. None of the boys really remembers who started it, but they ended up engaged in a threesome. For Anthony, it was his first sexual experience, a pretty intense one for a virgin, but there was nothing strange or awkward to him about having sex with the two people he trusted most in the world. And of course, being teenage boys, sex turned out to be something they all very much enjoyed, and more than that, enjoyed with each other.

While it may have been strange to other people, the three boys continued their threeway relationship on a sexual level for a while, before they finally came to the point of facing the possibility that maybe, they could have more than just sex together. All three of them cared deeply for one another, and after a while began to realize that it was more than just having feelings. They were actually in love. There was no question that it was far outside the traditional, but that was never really their bag anyway, and they eventually decided to make it official. They were all three in a relationship, and the people that mattered most to them were accepting of it for the most part.

After high school, Anthony landed a spot at the City University of New York studying IT Engineering and the other two decided then and there to go with him. It was during an internship there that he met a lesbian couple and became good friends with them, to the point that, when several years later they were married and wanted a child of their own, Anthony gladly donated the sperm, and couldn't be prouder of his biological daughter, Claire, named for Molly Ringwald's character in The Breakfast Club. While she's raised primarily by her moms, all three of the boys are daddies to her, and they get her one weekend a month, and sometimes when her moms need a little extra downtime to relax.

It's certainly far from usual, but the boys are happy with each other, and none of them have a problem with jealousy of the others. For whatever reason, they've found a rhythm together, and it more than works for them. And despite the nontraditional nature of their relationship, at their heart, they're just three guys, working normal jobs (Anthony as an IT Engineer, Hayden as a personal trainer, and Lee as a wedding planner and interior designer), and feeling very normal love toward each other. Anthony usually tells people who ask about their unconventional relationship, "It's really pretty simple. We love each other, and other than the fact that there are three of us, we're just like anybody else. We burp and fart and laugh and cry and fight and fuck... Isn't that what you do, too?"

Anthony exists for musebox/PSL, ♥ dreamlikenewyork.
He is an original character for RP purposes only. PB is Matthew Atkinson.
No infringement intended, for fun only.

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